Countdown to Beijing 2008 Olympics Wukesong Baseball Venue

Thumbnail image for sprayrig heading to the field.JPGWe have struggled with the internet here in Beijing therefore the blog is a bit cumbersome. Nevertheless we are Counting down the days before we start the Beijing Olympics and I would have to say that we are going to take it down to the wire.  From shipping delays for materials and equipment to the typical last minute rush you have in these projects.  All fields are grassed and now its time for the details.  As you can see the equipment is a little dated but its getting better.  We do have  a lengthy  list of details to complete but i am sure we will find a way to finish them.  

 Our Olympic crew is pretty much set.  Along with an amazing Competition team at Wukesong we will supplement with Chad Olsen and Erik Frey (who will Thumbnail image for verticutting the field.JPGbe  speaking Chinese fluently by the time they leave the country).  Darrell Lemmer is slated for a tour of duty.  Budgie Clark will be giving us a hand as he as been with us in the last 2 Olympics.  We have two back ups…. Former Disney Sports Field Manager and current Botetourt County Parks and Rec sports field manager Chad Kropff is no stranger to international travels and Rick Newville from Oklahoma will be pinch-hitting for us pending how the final field renovation push goes.   Rick was in Cuba and Athens with us for other Olympic projects.

Thumbnail image for walter and Mr Juan checking out the new sprayer.JPGWe did receive a Laser painter for the foul lines which everyone marveled at.  The Competition Manager Walter Li took a stroll with the new machine.   In perfect Chinese form a couple of the guys started to tinker with it to see how they could make it better.  

The practice field is Rivera  and the main stadium is a cross between
Thumbnail image for setting new base anchers after camera wire.JPG419 and Rivera.   The field struggled through the winter with the Bermuda from shanghai and then it was over seeded with ryegrass for the MLB event.  In the end the field was stripped and re-sodded with 419 last month and overseeded with Rivera.   Should be an interesting  group of fields to manage.  

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