Preparations Underway for the 2009 World Baseball Classic

DSCF3916.JPGThis past week we took a look at the venues in Mexico City and San Juan that will host the 2009 World Baseball classic.  Foro de Sol in Mexico City is no stranger to MLB events as we have played in the venue a few times over the years.  It was good to see Mr Martine the head groundskeeper of the venue.  It is a synthetic turf field that has been in place for at least 9 years.  He still has the same groundcrew that we worked with over the years.   In addition to Foro del Sol we looked at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in P.R.  This park has been used extensively by MLB games as we ran the venue for the Montreal Expos series in 2003-4 as well as the season opener in 2001 with the Rangers and Bluejays.  Its hard to believe we are only 8 months away from this great event.  More to come on these ballparks as they prepare for the WBC. 
wbc synthetiic turf field.JPG  

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