Raising the Olympic Rings

beijingrings2008.jpgNia’Hao… Baseball’s Wukesong Olympic Stadium  is getting a facelift.  As we draw closer to the games all of the venues are sporting a new “look.   Together with Olympic rings, banners and field upgrades these facilites are going to be great.  I would be wrong to say things are going perfectly…but condidering these are the first baseball stadiums being operated at this level there was obviously going to be challenges.  From here on out I will be in Beijing.  Its bitter sweet as it will be my last trip to china and potentialy the last time baseball will be played in the Olympics.  Don’t get me wrong we are going to fight for reinstatement but the black and white of our position as an Olympic sport beyond 8-8-08 is in the hands of the IOC.   A vote that is set to take place in the fall of 09 is the next step to being included for the 2016.  But until then lets enjoy the 08 Olympics as the chinese people have planned a great show for the world.   “Si-Tein”

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