How many people does it take to pull a tarp…in China

tarp pull.JPGSince the Beijing Olympic test event last summer to now, BOCOG increased the size of our FOP (field of play) volunteers by another 60.  We now have about a 100 groundcrew.   Half are new and pretty green when it comes to baseball field maintenance.   We are going through a barrage of field maintenance training needs before the teams arrive in a week including tarp pulling since the month of August has the highest amount of rain. As far as club schedules,  the Chinese team is already here.  (Makes sense.)

olympic baseball venues.JPG   

Erik Frey and I split up the crew into smaller 15 to 20 man crews throughout the day.   Still collecting photos of turf signs and we found another one just outside the stadium.  “Keep off the grass” signs are seen pretty often around china. 

keepoffgrass.JPGThe groundcrew is a great group of guys and considering they are volunteering for 30 days of there personal time …its pretty tough to comment on negatives. 98% of the volunteers are college students.  

On the eco front – There has been a lot of chatter about the climate and pollution issue.  Well I can tell you first hand that the pollution issue is being addressed through government regulations, but there isn’t much even they can do about the heat and humidity.  It was 90 degrees at 9am with 92% humidity.


 As you can see from the photo the haze lingers up to about noon then attempts to clear out but never does.  Leaving the venue today at 7pm all you could see of the evening sun was a red glow.   Should be interesting.  

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