Olympic Logos ….Spray cans vs. Paint machine

beijing 2008logo.JPGAs part of the ongoing practice of everything… we held a logo painting practice a couple days ago on the training field.  The “competition” team and the “look and image team” and volunteers all took part in the fun of spraying the grass.  We need to work more on the volunteers spraying form a bit.  You can see Brickman Sportsturfs Erik Frey’s smile as one of the volunteers paints the logo with the sprayer. We had one side of the field use the spray cans and the other the machine.   It was very quickly determined after using the cans of spray paint ( which were very very expensive) that they would use the competition teams spray machine to paint the logos.  In the olympics the logos are all white as they can not use a color because it could favor a particular team.   A bit of sky clearing rain today.   Should be a good one today! 
logo painting.JPG

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You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
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