Day 1 – Team China Takes the field at Wukesong Olympic Venue

teamchina first day.JPGIts official. The first practice is under our belt and the China team had nothing but praise about the practice field and venue.  Jim Leffebre , manager of China’s Olympic team,  was extremely gracious as he told all the volunteers what a great job they did to bring the field up to Olympic standards. Going as far as saying it was as good as any professional field he has ever played on. The volunteers were visibly moved by his talk as Jim is somewhat of a baseball god here.  He has been working with the chinese for over 5 years.   My hats off to the entire sportsturf team as we were still adding tons of conditioner only hours before the team took the field.  This was only because the conditioner didn’t arrive until this morning due to customs snags.  I’m just glad it made it.

fertlizing common areas.JPGMeanwhile across the venue our landscape partners were spraying a fertlizer on the common areas with a very unique spray rig.  These folks amaze me.  NO really. We also welcomed Waldorf’s Darrell Lemmer, Brickman Sportsturf Manager with open arms today as we know he will be an asset to our olympic groundcrew.

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