Here we go!

compressed groundcrew.JPGSO what did you think of the Opening Cerimonies.  Me personally , Comparing to Sydney and Athens…I would have to say these were better.  My favorite part was the drum corp and obviously when USA entered the field. 

At Wukesong, We are rolling along with workouts.  Cuba, Nederlands, USA, China and Canada have reported.  How about Taiwan, Japan and Korea’s baseball team missing the Opening cerimonies? They show up on the 11th.  Weather has been really rough on the crew.

soupy days for canada.JPGThe humidity and foggy smuggy whatever has been thick. We have rain coming in this weekend which will give us some clear skies for a few days next week.  That will be awesome for the opener.  We are getting great reports from the teams on field conditions. Its hard to believe they are going to tear the stadiums down after its over.  Hopefully the games will be as successful as we all have planned and they keep Field 2
tiffee takes a hack.JPGwhich is the 3500 seat stadium.   USA’a Tiffee is teeing up some China pitching.  Its going to be a great tournament.  Check out Mr Liu our groundskeeping supervisor umping behind the plate.

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