Olympic Games are Underway…Rain an all!

beijing opening day.JPGWe are over the hump as it relates to the Beijing Olympic games.  The competition fields are taking a beating with 32 games in 9 days.  Add daily Batting practice sessions to the games along with rain it makes for quite a challenge. Feel a lot like Disney Sports…in the summer time.   I thank my lucky stars that Chad Olsen, Erik Frey and Budgie Clark are here helping with manage the fields and the 100+ volunteers.  As these days pile up it makes it tough to Blog so hang with me. 

MLB.com’s Mark Newman is the best. The fact that he runs as much as he does makes me feel like a wimp.   Thanks for the pose Mark!  mark and murray.JPG

The crowds have been big and the games long. We have had 5 games in the past 3 days go into extra innings. Again not the best for the fields but thats why they are there.  

Here are a few photos I have been snapping for as we move toward the medal rounds this weekend.  yes…USA is still in it which as an american,  is a very good thing.   



gameday battersbox.JPG

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