Olympic Bugs

grasshopper.jpgBeijing has some crazy insects.  Over the past few weeks I have witnessed some very unusual critters.  The first flying creatures were the dragon flies.  For a few weeks when it was super humid we had 1000’s flying around the fields.  I noticed they really liked it when we watered the infields.  I guess they were looking for a drink of water.  Or maybe a shower.

When the games began last week we had a grass hopper attack  and everynight they have swarmed the fields when the lights came on. Players are actually swatting them away.   As with any food chain shortly after they begin to land on the turf the flying praying “mantises” or “manti” came into feed on the grass hoppers.  Remember the TV show “Kung Fu.” ..where they called  David Carradine “grasshoppa”  Must be something to it.  

Another noticeable feature of Bejing is the lack of birds.  In the past 4 weeks I have seen 4 birds.  Total!  Two of those birds are turtle doves that fly over the field about 6pm every evening.   Birds and bugs….the rice must be getting to me.

Two more days left then we are heading back to USA.  Hopefully all goes well with the Cuba -USA game. The winner advances to the gold medal round.  The games have been real exciting. MSNBC normally covers the games.  I am sure this one will be on. 

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