Beijing Olympic Recovery Mode

225_panoramica_Wkb_Field_2_large.jpgKorea won the whole thing. First team to go 9-0 in Olympic baseball. While USA and Cuba were planning to be 1 and 2.. old Korea slipped right by.  They did have a great team.  Obviously I would have liked to seen USA when the gold but Korea winning it was good in a way that they had never won a medal before in the olympic games.  The closing ceremonies were pretty cool (what I saw of them). Kind of picked up the china crud on the last day so all is a bit of a blur.  I have found that spending 5 weeks in beijing takes a bit longer becoming acclimated to home again. 

CONGRATULATIONS BOCOG!  I will have to say the team we put together to make these
korea gold winning team.jpgfields play as well as they did deserves all te credit in the world. Chad Olsen and Erik Frey basically lived in China the past 2 years overseeing the field improvements and training of volunteers.  Budgie Clark gave a big hand as well during the games.  All in all we made it happen as a HUGE team effort. Susan Zhang and Walter Li took on a tremendous responisbility for BOCOG to pull these games out and they did just great!   Back home Marti Flynn kept everything rolling in the USA for Brickman Sportsturf.

Thanks to all the volunteers which are to many to name but they did live by the “one world one dream” motto.  Finally thanks to the family.


Murray, your blog is fascinating, educational and entertaining. It’s easy to take for granted the incredible amount of hard work, planning and expertise that keeps ball fields looking great all around the world.

Please keep blogging and posting these great photos. Thank you!

making sure you saw my post there and the pic of you! it would make a great profile pic sometime for you.

thanks again for all the help and great to meet you


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