greek_sdium_and_greenville_053.jpg First of all hats off to the Cubs, Dodgers, Rays, Phillies, Red Sox, Twins, White Sox and Brewers for winning there divisions. I have not seen this much hype in post season for a while.  Kind of odd not seeing the yankees or braves in there… but thats baseball.

This time of year reminds me of renovation time for my yard as well as the fields we take care of and obviously MLB’s Post Season. Also so long to shea stadium and Yankee Stadium. Its been one heck of a baseball season for everyone. On the Home front our Brickman sports turf crew had several clubs make the playoffs. Daytona Cubs actually won the FSL league as did Augusta in the Sally League.  All of the post season and league winning clubs had great fields and great groundskeepers. 

International baseball is catching its breath after the Olympics.  Its hard to believe less than 7 months ago we were hosting the Dodgers Padres in Beijing China.  WOW.

I read a great article today in the New York Times about groundskeepers.   The Red Sox G.K.,  David Mellor really put grass mowing design on the map over the past 10 years. There have been many stories over the years about turf mowing and deisigns in the grass. I actually purchased an ECO friendly reel push mower to stripe a small area in my yard. It look great and its not rocket science.  As the article reads. its the mower reels and rollers just pushing the blades of grass one way or the other. 


Standby for a busy fall on the international front. Preparing for the 2009 WBC and a new European Baseball League as well as plans for 2009 World Cup.  ANd Start your ayrd renovations ASAP.  I have a feeling its going to get cold quick!


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