Baseball Fields of Holland

PA210194.JPGAmsterdam, Nederlands- In 2009 Holland will host the second round of Baseball’s world Cup.  Cities to be used in 09 include Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Haarlem. Inspecting these fields will be a little more easier than Italy.   These parks were used in the 2005 World Cup.  Holland has a long history in Europe as a leader in shipping and water management and is building a very strong baseball program.  Another local fact that tends to make field management tricky is how well this country manages water.  (Neder) which means low in dutch ie Low lands) kind of makes since when 40% of the country used to be under water.  They have turned entire bodies of sea water into fresh water.  Also seeing the new wind mills and the old gave a nice contrast to a changing environment around the country. Holland is a great baseball country having strong teams every year throughout Europe and sending clubs to the last 2 olympics. Since 2005 they have made some good improvements.  Fields have great padding, they have added addtional fields and grown the game for the youth.   Haarlem is also going through some field changes by adding a new synthetic turf field this year. 

greek sdium and greenville 145.jpgRobert Enhorn ( Former New Yankees player) has been the teams manager for years.  The organization of the federation made asome changes by bringing back Ruud Van Zetten as president.  With more and more young players swinging bats…I have a feeling this country will end up having a bumper crop of pros in a few more years.  These guys are really excited about the 09 games. Its going to be a great tournament.   

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That’s wild. I have a friend in Belguim that says no baseball is played in that area. I’ll have to send this over to him.

Troy Frazier

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