Mets New Home Field

behind homeplate.JPGCitiField is really taking shape.  We had a lwalkthrough today that included a review of the locker rooms and overall facility.  Bill Deacon the Mets head groundskeeper is pretty happy with the field construction which was completed by a Lantec.  Sod was down and green.  This field will have a few extra bells and whistles that Shea didn’t have that will keep it greener and healthier during the season.   A full heating system under bill and dan.JPGthe field allows for keeping the grass warm in the winter…in the summer it can blow air through the field to keep it cool to reduce disease.  Dan Almond ( the FOP designer) was also at the site today reviewing the final details of field construction and planning as well as meeting with the contractor.  The weather today was great so it was nice seeing the field not covered with a turf blanket.  MAde you want to pick up a glove and play catch.   Next stop the new Yankees stadium.  Two new parks open in 2009 and they are going to set the mark for stadium construction. 


I would have to agree that the new stadiums for the Mets & the Yankees might set the standard for construction, but you can’t replace the history that is part of the old ballparks. It might not be the most modern or biggest, but here’s hoping that I never live to see Fenway Park replaced!


Julia I agree. Ive seen many old parks go the way of the wrecking ball to become a shopping mall.

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