2008 was a Hoot!


gameday battersbox.JPGReflecting on 2008 has been pretty tough because it has literally been a blur and from the way 2009 is shaping up it will not be very different.   Planning for MLB Opener in Japan between the World Champion Red Sox and the Oakland A’s The First ever MLB exhibition series in Beijing between the Padres and Dodgers took up most of the first few months. We also had another Olympic qualifier to operate in Taiwan during the month of march.  That took a lot of time an effort.
the field.JPG   From May to August,  it was pretty much the Beijing Olympics with the exception of about 25 Site visits throughout Europe ( Italy, Sweden, Russia, Holland, Germany, Spain, France and Czech Republic)  in preparation of the 2009 World Cup.  And a few more site surveys for the 2009 World baseball Classic in PR and Mex.   We actually squeaked in a couple field training days in Panama and Dominican Republic. 

yorf ballpark.JPGState side we had some great projects rolling with Opening day partners and Minor League baseball.  A few site reviews of the New Shea stadium and Yankee stadium.  That’s kind of brushing the surface but again it’s still a blur. 

My main reason for reflecting is to thank all of our current and past staff at STS from Marti to Chad to Jeff, Zackx2, Brandon, Kevin, Alan, Steve, Erik, Darrell, Budge, Joe.  Without this group we would not have been successful with any of these projects because it took a true team effort.

GROUPSHOT AT DUGOUT.JPGHoping each and everyone of you have a wonderful 2009 season! 


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I love the global direction baseball is taking. I’m gettng more and more questions from all over the world. It’s really exciting.


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