World Baseball Classic…. Just Around the Corner

old photos 098.jpgNeedless to say its been a very busy month.  We are currently working on preparations for the Field Operations in 2 of the 4 WBC First Round Cities.  San Juan’s Hiram Bithorn Stadium and Mexico’s Foro Sol stadium. (Photo to the left) Hiram Bithorn has been used by MLB in the past for many games.  The stadium is synthetic turf with cutouts for the bases.  The  Turf is about 5 years old. At Foro Sol stadium the field is also synthetic except the entire infield clay area is clay type product.  Even the warning track is a finely graded clay soil.  Come to think of it all 4 first round WBC fields are synthetic.  Toronto and and the Tokyo Dome are also…Field Turf Products.
wbc synthetiic turf field.JPG 

At Foro Sol we have played a few exhibition games in the past. It is a very unique looking ballpark as its real purpose is hosting the annual Grand Prix.  The track for the gran prix actually cuts directly through the center of the outfield starting at 3rd base.  Each year they have to remove the field in this area and expose the track.  Its quiet a task that takes a few weeks but they do a great job.  Only 5 days before the teams arrive in Mexico’s Foro Sol there will be an Iron Maiden Concert.  Should be exciting getting the field turned around. 

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