Mets,Yankees New Ballparks..Down to Final Touch Ups

yamkee video board.JPGThis past week we walked through both CitiField and Yankee Stadium.  There was a WOW factor during both reviews.  Photos tell the story in this blog.  Both ballparks are remarkable and unique.  Citifield is located a little closer to the airport than the old ballpark allowing you to wave to the passengers as they land on R-16. The locker rooms are over the top and the field is truly like a pool table. 

Yankee Stadium has built a lot of history into there new yard.  Photos of greats line the walls and the video board system is extreme. Mike Bonner is going to have a blast with this video system during the season.  The field is also very nice with very traditional layouts.  Even the bleacher creatures have a great section for seating.

 citifield sign.JPG 















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Awesome update and photos. Thanks, as always Murray! Question: Is it theoretically possible to hit a ball out of the new Yankee Stadium (with or without steroids)?

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