March 2009

WBC Finals…Congrats to all the Venue Operators!

san juan field.JPGBig Weekend in LA for the finals. VZ takes on Korea tonight and USA Japan tomorrow.  The success of this event has been unbelievable!  Double the amount of sponsors, ratings attendance etc… The game of baseball is truly a world game. With strong showings from the Dutch, Puerto Rico and austrailia the 2013 games will be even bigger and better. Hats off to the turf managers,  venue managers and operators around the world. From Japans Tokyo Staff 
suzuki and moshemoto.JPGto Mexico City Staff, Toronto, San Juan, San Deigo and finally LA. 
wbc mexico.jpgMexico City World Baseball Classic daimond pro clay 007.jpg

Shipping products and equipment to Mexico, San Juan, Japan etc was quite an experience and a challenge but with long time field material partners at Diamond Pro, Stabilizer, Beacon Ballfields and Partac Peat we got it done.  Thanks Guys.  

 The goal of the WBC is to develop the game worldwide and also its helping to build support for baseball to get back into the Olympics for 2016.  You tell me Rugby or golf or baseball.  Its hard to believe it was voted out to begin with.  The big guy Harvey Schiller President of IBAF deserves a ton of credit in the efforts to reinstate the game. 

WBC petco.jpg
toronto WBC.jpgHow about that Petco Ballpark.  Just a great venue for the world games.

Los Angeles—Bring it Home!

W.B.C. First round in San Juan ends in success!!!


panerorama.JPGIn San Juan the World baseball classic stood up to its name.
We had some classic games and basically the most exciting 1st round of all 4 competition sites…. From the Dutch pulling an upset over Dominican twice and moving into the winner bracket to team Puerto Rico setting strike out records
chad kropff and crew compressed JPG.JPGand breaking  crowd attendance records.  The field played great and the rains held off for the most part. A few light showers during the early games but no major threat and no tarp work.  It was an  exciting first round to say the least .  Some of my favorite highlights had to be the Glidden Paint sponsorship program where each day they provided the ground crew ( and servers) with different colored bowling
P3100402.JPGshirts.  Yellow one day, then pink, purple, blue and finally red.   The crew did a great job under the watchful eye of Dennis Klien, Brandon Putnam and Scott Strickland. The fun was not limited to San Juan as we had guys in Mexico as well and they truly had a great time with the Cuban and Ausies.  Yes the Netherlands club was probably not the team a few  MLB marketing folks would have liked to have seen move to the next bracket but nevertheless they won and they deserve it.  And I wouldnt put it past them to do a little upseting in Miami.  These guys are for real!    Our operation’s team in P.R. included Frank Uddo and Morgan Littlefield as Venue managers. Both had a great  impact on the success of the Venue. 


Opening Day – World Baseball Classic 2009

rainbow1.JPGIt started off pretty nice. A sprinkle , a rainbow then a couple of great games.

The first game between Holland and Dominican republic didnt turn out like most folks thought.  Holland won and the second games was somewhat of a rout between Puerto Rico and Panama with PR dominating.  It was exciting,  and seeing the players on the edge of the dugout steps the entire game was exciting too.  It was not your typical spring training games or event regular season games.  It was more like a world championship series.