How to build a Baseball Field

Dscn0235Lately some people have been sending me some baseball field construction questions.  Things like  How to build….the field…the mound….the infield etc..? 

Building a baseball field takes planning and unfortunately sometimes more money than you may have in your budget. One of the first questions… Do you have enough land or property and will be the field be oriented properly? A standard baseball field is about 500 x 500 feet not including a seating bowl.  I would also suggest the following questions be asked of those involved before you put a shovel in the ground.

1.  Usage of the field:  Who? How much? and when?  These questions will steer you towards the type of field you will need to build.

2.  What Type of Grass:  Natural…Bluegrass or Bermuda?…or synthetic?

3.  How much money do we have? That’s a loaded question but after the first two questions it is time to bring the accountant in! Where can we find the money to build the field we want?  Are there Grants?  Private? Municipal Funds?  Donations?

4. Who will maintain the new field and at what level ?  In house maintenance?  Outsource maintenance?  Again …budget the entire field including maintenance operations before you build it.  Example: Don’t build a Ferrari when you don’t have the budget to take care of it. Taking care of a high performance sports field takes a lot of money Dscn0236

5. Selecting someone to design and build it? Again.. its an examination of your internal resources and if you have staff that understands how to develop a design or construction specification.  Designing your new field with the right goals for usage is what you should be shooting for. Hiring a reputable firm to design your field?  Should you hire a consultant for owners representation? Should we consider asking for Sponsorships to help offset material costs?  Can the Community help? Have you heard of the MLB Baseball Tomorrow Fund? 


Once you have decided on some of the issues above and hired a reputable sports field contractor to install your field, You will be on your way towards building your field of dreams. Dscn0292

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