Rain Rain Rain….Hats off to the East Coast Grounds Crews!


panama_series_5.jpgIf you did not notice from watching baseball games on the east coast the past few months, we have certainly had our share of rain since the first of the season.  You have to be careful when you complain about to much rain because then it can go the other way.  But for now let’s just state the facts. 

Rain totals from Accuweather in Cities like DC, New York, York, PA., Durham NC, Baltimore have more than doubled the average for the year.  In DC the Nationals have really been taking it hard.  The actual in June to date is 4.22in and the Normal is 2.77 we still have a couple weeks to go. And For the month of May,  the Actual was 8.05 and the normal only 3.82in.  April was similar. 

shea_rain_delay_012_tn.jpgHaving to get the field ready in these conditions can be taxing on the crew, staff, and for sure the field of play.  Multiple (daily) tarp pulls are common to protect the field for the game.  I have heard from several groundskeepers and sports turf managers that  turf and infield conditions have deteriorated due to all of the early spring rains.  At the end of the day,  the team needs to play to meet payroll and as we know the groundscrew is left holding the bag and when a game is rained out.   When a game is called there can be speculation about the field from, the umpires,  players, coaches, management etc.. Unfortunately the buck stops with the head groundskeeper…even if the rain delay or rain out was due to the wrong rain information.  In most cases the groundskeeper is the hero of the day…but there is the other side too.  Kind of unfair as no one can control mother nature and Im pretty sure not to many turf managers went to college to be a meteorologist.  All we can do is..what your parents told you as a kid.  Just do your best son/daughter!  Thumbnail image for rainbow1.JPG

Hopefully the rain will ease at the end of this month.  I have seen some pretty tired looking fields up and down the east coast and they are  directly related to the heavy rains. 

 All I can say is hang in there…thank God for the rain and ask for a little sun.

Happy fathers day!

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