July 2009

World Cup Baseball City ….Pizza Evaluations

pizza-3.jpgAlong with checking out the ballparks for the 2009 World Cup, we are also engaging in some local food fare. In Italy having pizza is pretty common.  Unlike the Pizza hut or dominos we get back home the pizza here is on a very thin crust. The word Pizza comes from a latin word Pinsa meaning flatbread.  Margherita Pizza is probably the classic and comes with a story as does everything in Italy.  A pizzeria in Naples made a Pizza for Queen Margherita back in the 1800’s which contained the 3 colors of the flag white (mozzarella), red (tomatoes) and green (basil) on some ” Pinsa” . She loved it and the rest is history. The typical Italian pizza is about 12 to 14 inches wide and about 6-8 small slices. 

zagreb pizza.JPGNot to be outdone… I think I saw the largest pizza ever today in Zagreb Croatia.  when it came out,  I had to see the oven this thing came from.  SInce we are measuring fields, etc…. I had my trusty tape measure at my side and got a very accurate assessment that might exceed Pizza standards ( if there is such a thing) .  At 27 inchs and 14 slices it might have the edge in the Europe Pizza battles as it relates to quantity.  It was crazy and good.  Anyway..third day for pizza.   Thats about my limit. 


IBAF World Cup Ballparks 09…Part 1

DSCN0482.JPGOver the past several days I’ve been checking out the ballparks preparing for the 2009 Baseball World Cup to be held throughout Europe between Sept 7-23.  Can you believe 21 teams playing in 24 sites!!!   Nederlands has 3 sites, Italy has 16, Croatia 1, Spain 1, Czech Republic 1,Germany 1, Sweden 1.  This is one logistical challenge when it comes to overall operations.  Busing, flights, hotels…its a real challenge for any sport but if anyone can pull it off baseball can.  (The photo  is one of Chad and the boys from Holland.) 

Just finishing Nettuno tonight ( they had a game against reggio-emilia and Nettuno took it to them 16-9)  Nettuno is Italy’s version of the yankees or red sox. A lot of baseball history and a lot of European championships. All of the venues still have work to complete before they are ready but so far everyone is confident they will make the deadlines. Many of the
opening cerimonies.jpgclubs regular seasons just finished.   With so many sites to check up on,  I split the duties with Chad Olsen.  He’s going to be running with Italy reviews while I criss cross europe to see the others.  Our team will be helping out with the tournament operations where we can.   With only 6 weeks to go a few parks are against the wall, but thats common even in the US when a stadium is getting ready for a big event. 

 ( Opening cerimonies 2007 Taipei)

Going to be needing some help from a lot of sources on this one and unfortunately its going to be a last minute thing becuase of the schedule changes and general red tape we go through on international projects.  Stay tuned guys and gals.   Check out Prague’s homemade pitching deck frame…there going to put some plywood and turf on it.  How about that.  Nice work Jan!
pragues ne pitch frame.JPG