Last Minute World Cup Venue Improvements


As the games approach we have found that our European brothers and sisters have a lot in common with  their baseball counterparts here in the USA.  Waiting until the last minute to get everything completed must be symbolic with baseball stadiums undergoing renovations.  Somehow everything always turns out ok but … one has to wonder if it could be easier!


Holland has 3 nice parks in Rotterdam, Haarlem and Amsterdam.  Haarlem is undergoing some major stadium upgrades while Rotterdam has installed a retractable batters eye. Due to high winds they need to be able to lower the structure on moment’s notice. 

Haarlem has a unique marking
white turf tip.JPGsystem for the irrigation heads as they have a very aggressive aerfying program. they have taken the white plastic tuffs of fiber and put them in the turf at grass height next to t heads operator to see the tufts while poking holes in the soil. Pretty cool tip Hans!  Amsterdam is going to have new lights.  We are planning the staffing part to handle the field maintenance operations now.  More to come i am sure.


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