IOC votes this Thursday if Baseball remains an Olympic Sport

Thumbnail image for olympic photos of familty and field 106.jpgOn the 13th of August,  the Executive Committee of the IOC will determine which 2 sports from the 7  will be submitted to the IOC congress in October for inclusion into the 2016 Olympic Games.  A historic day for baseball and softball internationally. It’s literally the bottom of the 9th inning for baseball.  Harvey Schiller, President of IBAF, and his staff have worked extremely hard to answer all the questions and concerns of the IOC regarding why baseball should be 1 of the 2 finalists. I am overall upbeat about the pending decision but at the same time aware that the IOC President has not been a major supporter of our national past time.  It has been an uphill battle with this group since 2005 when they tried to get baseball kicked out then. 

I still wonder how we got on the black sheep list to begin with.  Some of the reasons suggested were Steroids? Well then you need to cut half the other Olympic sports out of the program!  Lack of Pros? Not even , when you look at the MLB players who played in past Olympics that are currently playing in the Majors.. (Soccer doesnt even allow there pro players!)   A North American Sport?  Not even close ….just ask Japan, Holland, Taiwan, Korea and all of our South American baseball fanatics if they think its a North American Sport!  

Its amazing to see the game growing so strong around the world. As I have mentioned in previous blogs,  we are preparing for the 2009 World Cup in Europe . I heard today that over 200 MLB owned players representing 16 countries have been given approval to compete in the World Cup tournament.  That number shocked me because in 2007 we had less than a 100. … Again it goes to show you how many pro-players are developing from other countries.  One of the best articles I have read in recent months regarding Baseball’s Olympic movement was in in Baseball Digest… thanks jerry for covering all of the facts to a tee..( thats a batting tee not a golf tee)

Its time to put on the Rally Caps Folks.


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Sad day for both softball and baseball, they are not getting in the Olympics again after all, Golf and Rugby are going instead.

Matthew Tang

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