Final touch ups for 2009 Baseball World Cup venues

parma stadium field.JPGThe 2009 World Cup starts next week and as usual there are quite a few loose ends. The logistics of this tournament are the most challenging I have ever experienced.  Shuffling our field guys around europe between 1st round cities in Zagreb Croatia, Sundyburg Stockholm Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Prague, Barcelona and 14 sites in Italy is a FT job in itself.  Our hosts have been most gracious and plans are underway for field maintenance clinics in Prague and Rotterdam as well as Italy.   With over 100 pro players representing there countries on various teams the competition will be very strong. ( Parma Field Photo in there new ballpark)florence scoreboard.JPG  ( How about the Roman numeral scoreboard…in florence!)

We had materials shipped over from Turface and Beacon on this one but only for a few parks. Clearing customs in Italy has also been a bit frustrating but we are working through it.  Just to many and to expensive for every venue to have all the bells and whistles so the guys are having to be inovative in building and maintaining the fields with what they have locally.  Easier said than done in most locations.  The crew we have on this one is from all over the USA.  Tom Neilson  Louisville Bats, Dennis Klien Texas Rangers, Kevin Moses Camden River Sharks, Jeff Nancarrow and eric Odgen Daytona Cubs, Joe Skrabak Staten Island Yankees,  Chad Kropff VPI, Rick Newville USA Training Center Oklahoma City, Budgie Clark , Chad Olsen and few to be named later.  Heading to regensburg then Prague Tomorrow.  

parma sod delivery truck.JPG                            How about the covered sod truck.  Pretty cool..literally.


piancenza field.JPG
                           Field in Piancenza draggin with a carpet material. 

Thumbnail image for amsterdam.JPG
              Round 2  Amsterdam Stadium taking shape…with New lights for the tournament.


        1st Round Barcelona Stadium at Mount Juic with Olympic Tower in Background.

For those of you TV satellite dish owners you can tune into the games. Here is the schedule.

The MLB Network is suppose to cover some games as well so keep your eye on the tube.

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