Round 2 of World Cup begins today

IMG_3358.JPGAll the Teams are heading to Holland and Italy from the first round except for the 4th place teams which head home.  Play begins today ( actually in a few hours in Reggio Emilia for team USA and Canada along with Australia taking on a tough team from the Antillies in Piancenza. See the day schedule below.

Photo above is Godo Stadium in the Southern Part of Italy Rick Newville is heading to Parma today Chad Olsen to Reggio and Piancenza, Joe in Florence, Budge in Messina, Jeff in Bologna and Chad kropff and Tom Neilson in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.  ( Splitting time in Haarlem)

It was a great First round and the Local Organising Groups did a great job with limited resources.  Thanks to all of the crews from each venue formaking our MLB/IBAF groundcrew be a part of your team.  Regnesburg’s big game photo below from IBAF web site.  Check out the action at


regensburg cat eye veiw.jpg 

Check out the Game schedule at:

ATTENDANCE MARKS FOR ROUND ONE: Further evidence of baseball’s growth in Europe was seen throughout the first round attendance numbers at local sites. Leading the way was Regensburg, Germany, which saw crowds in excess of 5,000 for almost all of the three days of competition, highlighted by a Friday night crowd of almost 10,000 fans for USA-Germany…Friday night’s Jahn Regensburg soccer match drew approximately 5,000 at the same time, which is a solid sign of interest in baseball in Germany…at other sites, Sweden had a capacity crowd of over 2,100 for Saturday’s final day and strong crowds approaching 1,500 on the others…Spain had overflow crowds on both Friday and Saturday in excess of the 1,500 seating capacity for their games with Puerto Rico and Cuba…and Prague had an overflow of 2,500 for Saturday and crowds in excess of 1,500 for Friday, all positive signs of growth…large crowds are expected in both the Netherlands and Italy for round two.


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