MACERATA… A cool ballpark

Macerata 025.jpgTonight was another great game between Japan and USa. Team USa won 4-2 in a very tight game.  Japan playing the small ball game and USA with the long ball. 

Macerata USA Game 037.jpgThe stadium in Macerata is pretty cool.Home to the local club the Macerat Angels. ( Logo looks a lot like LA angels)  It sits above the town and when you look over the centerfield fence it drops pretty quickly. Above the ballpark on the hill is the old town dating back to the 1200AD and off in the distance are the apenine mountains of the Marche region oif Italy.  Its a small park but has a lot of nice lines and amenities.  The dugouts have a bench that has built in storage.
Macerata 047.jpgThe crew does a good job on the field. Kevin M. spent some time with the crew this week rebuilding plates and mounds.  Check ou the Macerata web page.  very well done.


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