Sunday World Cup Games Setting stage for Semi Finals

2009BaseballWorldCup.gifWith all of the rain the we have had in Italy, the supplies needed to dry the fields with are dwindling very quickly.  Considering most ballparks in italy only planned for a couple games… there was not a huge need to stock up on drying material. It has been raining most of the week and the fields are really soft so the “rosso red” is being heavily used. 

Puerto Rico beat Nicaragua 16-0 earlier this afternoon in Haarlem ( holland)  In Italy 3 important games are progressing along with Team USA playing Italy in front of a packed house in Torino. (They just beat Italy 12-3) Skies have been  threatening all day and into the games throughout Italy.  In Parma , Chinese Taipei and Canada are in the bottom of the 7th in a rain delay. Looks like that one is completed.  Austrailia just beat Mexico 6-5 in Macerata.  So tomorrow we have a make up game in Bologna between Austrailia and USA. 

DSCF4262.JPGThe photo above may remind you Arizona folks of a spring training ballpark in Mesa or Papago.  Its actually in Messina, Sicily.  A lot of history in Sicily and some great food.  You can get there by sea via a ferry from Reggio Calabria or by air into Catania.  This tournament is showing some really good baseball. A couple blow outs but over all very competitive.  As we go into the semi final round with 8 teams,  I am sure the teams will step up there game another level.  Finals are in Cheiti, Florence, Messina, Nettuno, and Grosetto.  To finish up the tournament field wise…We have Joe Skrabak in Cheiti, Brandon Putnam in Florence, Kevin Moses in Grosetto, Budgie Clark in Messina and Im in Nettuno.  photo below in Messina from the ferry.



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