A decade later…Baseball continues its growth around the World

P8100043.JPGIts hard to believe that 10 years have passed since Y2K and a crazy era of baseball is ending yet another year.  Reflecting on this past year ..the 2nd 09 World Baseball Classic where we spent so much time with our friends in PR and Mexico.  The 09 World Baseball Cup in europe… both being successes.  Meeting President George Bush (above photo) in Beijing was pretty cool. He had a tough decade to work with. The 9-11 terrorist attack that changed the way we live today was on his watch.   Unfortunately there was bad news to go with the good as the end of baseball in Olympics came to pass, even though our leaders made a gallent but failed attempt to reinstate the sport.   There is talk of launching another campaign for the 2020 games but that is a stretch. Considering the poor economic conditions of the world , I guess the sport overall had a pretty good year.  Looking back at the decade was pretty cool. Highlights would have to inlcude the 2004 Athens Olympics, 2006 World Baseball Classic, the many Olympic qualifiers in Cuba, Spain and Taiwan and USA winning Silver in 2008, Gold in 2000 as well as Gold in the past to World Cup Championships.

usa team at memorial.JPGOur teams and ballparks that we all take care of held up well considering the industry and economics.  I guess logged about 250,000 miles this year and probably gone from home half the year. I was happy to celebrate my 25th anniversary this year.   Having said that Im glad to be home for the holidays as many of our military do not have that option .  God bless everyone and have a Happy New year.

crew photo.JPG


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