Kaohsiung Stadium is part of Dodgers Spring Training Taiwan Games Tour

IMG_1062.JPGKaohsiung City –  The L.A. Dodgers are slated to play there final matchup with the Chinese Taipai All-stars on Sunday March 14th.  The stadium in Kaohsiung ( also known as Chengching Lake Park)  was used back in 2001 for the Baseball World Cup.  Terry Francona took team USA through the ballpark and won a game against Chinese Taipei 6-0 while the countries President Chen Shui-bian watched the event.  The stadium Capacity is is 20000+  and for that game is was a sell out.     Kaohsiung City (pronounced cowshoong) is in the southern part of Chinese Taipei.  It can be accessed by high speed rail pretty easily from Taipei and it also has an international airport.  The baseball style is typical Asian culture as they use the double batting practice set up to shorten the time and increase the swings. 

doubleBP.JPGThere is a huge mall called the “Dream Mall” in the city where everything starts or ends with the word dream.  Dream Food, Fun at Dream, Dream directions, Dream travel etc.. Kaohsiung hosted the 2009 World Games. All the sports were held except for Baseball.   They actually built a Main stadium for the Main events ( rugby seven-a-side and flying disc games)  called the “Main” Stadium. Its pretty impressive with 40000 seats. 

On another note – -Spring training is hopping in the US right now and that means that the baseball season is officially underway.  With so many new spring training venues its tough to remember some of the older ones.. The Dodgers like the Braves left there East coast spring training digs in recent years for greener pastures.   Both landed in some beautiful facilities.  Its sad to see the older venues shut down but at the same time its nice for the clubs to provide better and safer facilties for their fans and players.   

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“Kaohsiung City (pronounced cowshoong) is in the southern part of Chinese Taipei”… FYI, there is no country called “Chinese Taipei.” The country is called Taiwan. Chinese Taipei is a fiction forced upon the Taiwanese by China in order to allow them to participate in the Olympics. It’s a political, inaccurate term that has no meaning other than to feed China’s desire to annex and absorb the democratic, free country of Taiwan. Ask Wang Chien-ming or any other Taiwanese playing in the MLB where they are from. The answer every time will be “Taiwan.”

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