God of Land… a Worship Service before Dodger Games

god of land.JPG


Interesting day at the ballpark with the locals around Teinmu stadium.   I had the chance to enjoy one of the local customs of the Taiwan people behind homeplate on the warning track.  This morning a worship service was held  in honor of “Fu-der Rightness God”.  Also known as  Fu-Der Diety God who is  in charge of the local land.  He’s a pretty popular God to the people because they believe he will bring them “Good and Money luck.  I guess the Chinese people believe that wealth and land owenrship have something in common.  Imagine that!


Tian Mu Day murray at prayer 16 004.JPGPart of the cermony inluded burning incense, offering gifts of food and burning colored paper as a symbol of money. I figured since weather was looking a bit rough for the Dodgers and CPBL games  it couldnt hurt!    Talking with a few other people at the alter,  they explained everyone (particularly Budhist families) have an alter in the home for the land God. By providing a alter it means they welcome the God of Land a place to stay in the house.   I was invited as a guest and given 3-sticks of incense to place in the urn and I also burned a bit of money… for a good cause.   All in a days work!


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