MLB Taiwan Series – Congrats to the Groundcrew!

pano.JPGGreat Job by both Taiwan Groundcrews in Taipei and Kaohsiung. The 3 game series in Taiwan ended with 2 games played and one rain out.  Fridays game went off without a hitch.  The Central Weather Bureau changed the Saturday  forecast in Taipei a few times from 60% to 30% then back to 60%.   It started raining that morning and really didnt stop all day.  We thought we had a break around 2pm but that filled up pretty quickly.  Pulled the tarp a couple times and that was it.  The feild actually held up well and if had stopped we could have played as the puddling was on firm soil.   We waited till 430 for tthe 2pm game to start but the weather never let up…. Actually became much worse. 

groundcrewdraggig.JPGSaturday evening we headed down to kaohsiung for a Sunday afternoon game.  Its amazing how the weather can change after a 2hour train ride.  Hot humid and 0% chance of rain for Sundays game.  The players voiced their praise for the crew and the work that was done at both stadiums.  It couldnt have happened without Kevin Moses, Brandon Putnam and Josh Viet .  Plus our Taiwan interpreters and groundscrew Chiang, “leroy” Quan and Randy.

field photo compressed.JPG 

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