The Original Bull Durham Ballpark Shines again after 16 years!

dap3.JPGOn a crisp cool night the original Bulls baseball park in conjunction with MILB hosted its first pro game since the early nineties.  To say it was a success would be an understated comment.  Were there a few glitches?   Sure …but what would you expect from a ballpark that has been seeing professional games since the early 40’s!   Raves and Raves about the field and the way the ballpark was restored to its initial luster.  4000+ fans filled the seats, berms, and where ever they could stand to witness history.  The crowd was really buzzing. . 

dap.JPGGreat job by Brickman Sportsturf’s, Josh Marden, CSFM  and his field crew for prepping the field .  The highlights of this game will be talked about for years.  Even the bus snafu which hit a snag in bringing over the Mudhens  from the DBAP was unique.   Just gave everyone a chance to snack on a beer and dog.

dap1.JPGConcession lines stayed 20 deep the entire game, wool E wolf took a spin in his go cart and the fans seemed to really like getting up close an personal with the team.  Not much of a choice at the DAP because the team has to walk through the fans to get to the dugout.  That is called old school minor league baseball .  What was even funnier was watching some of the players video tape the people as they were going through the crowd.   Nostalgic, magical and just plain cool seeing the old girl dressed up for a big game.  Welcome back DAP. 

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