A Baseball Thank You to our Armed Forces on Memorial Day

12000 tomb stones of fallen US soilders.JPGMemorial Day and baseball have weaved a history of both good times and sad. Today we remember those that have fallen.  Our country grew up american cemetery in Nettuno.JPGplaying baseball in many parts of the world during times of war.  Japan, Italy, Cambodia, Korea…the list goes on an on.    In 2009, Team USA won the World Cup in Nettuno, Italy. The final game against Cuba was a great show by team USA but probably the most important part of that win took place just before the club took the field to win Gold.   A brief tour was set up (instead of taking BP)  to see the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery & Memorial just up the street from the stadium on the final day of the tournament. 

team usa  compressed.JPG(If you look just above the heads of this photo you will see a statue in the back ground.  It is a statue of the “Brothers-in Arms” which symbolizes an American Soldier and Sailor.)  My Good friend Kernel Joe (who helped us out on the fields) and came up with the idea to have the team head to the cemetery instead of the ballpark and he just made it happen. After we made a few calls to the skipper and Eric it became a no brainer.   

soilders playing baseball.jpgHearing Joe talk to the players once they arrived about this Cemetery’s history is an incredible story not to mention stories of some of the soldiers.  Laying at rest in this beautiful cemetery are 7,861 Americans who fought for the liberation of Sicily and in the landing of Salerno and Anzio.  Flanked by Italian Cypruss trees an a pool that arcs at the entrance the marble grave stones are marked with the names of those fallen.  The personal cost was apparent in the description Joe provided the group.  There are 23 sets of brothers buried side by side including two sets of twins.  In addition to the vast amount of tombstones spread over the 77 acre property , the chapel’s marble walls contain the names of 3095 pesonnel missing in action.   Watching the young players in their uniforms walk through the grounds was a memory,  I will cherish forever.  
1944 nettuno baseball practice.JPG

Today we remember those who died for our freedom and thank them for their great sacrifice.  Thank you to all members in the Armed forces…for all that you have done an continue to do for our country and the world! 


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thank you to our veterans! That is what memorial day should be about. Thank you for reminding us🙂


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