Developing Baseball in San Salvador

joel shows them the sites.JPGSan Salvador –  We evaluated a ballpark ( Estadio Jorge Elias Bahaia)  in San Salvador which is the capital of …El Salvador.   There is a group called (FESA) Fundacion Educado a un Salvadoreno that operates a school and a community sports development program.  El Salvadore has recently produced quite a few players that are in the minor leagues.  One prospect with the Seattle Mariners is Erasmo Ramirez.  He was 11-4 at fort wyane in 2009.

kids in left field.JPGThe field we looked in on is under a bit of stress from extensive use,  which is a good thing if your trying to grow your youth development programs, but not so good for the field.   It’s a small regulation diamond with 280ftdown the lines. What sets this ballpark apart from others is not only the use it gets by  teenagers but the used it recieves by the little guys in both foul pole corners.    Just a ton of activity for a little over 80000sq.ft.!  Hopefully we can come up with some options to make the field better for everyone involved.   While checking out the field , I ran across an “OLD SCHOOL” aerifier. 

spiker.JPGEl Salvador is a pretty cool country these days. US dollars is the currency. The landscape is covered with mountains and old volcanos..some look like they could still create some havoc but the locals say they are dead.  There is some great surfing along this particular surf line of central america . You need to check out the Tortuga Surf lodge outside of San Salvador. in El Tunco..if I only had a couple more days!  


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