Baseball in Columbia

bogota.jpgMet this past week in Bogota Columbia with US Ambassador Bill Brownfield and several local Columbian and MLB folks regarding the game of baseball .  Having seen a few ballparks in the country several years back it was nice to share opinion on developments opportunnities.  The Renteria’s had us down about 4 years ago to see the ballparks in Cartegena, Barranquillia, Monteria and Sincelejo.  The Cities all have baseball stadiums and the goal is to make them better from the field to the seats.    Driving around the city of Bogota is beautiful.  Considering the elevation was over 9000ft in a few areas it would be pretty interesting to see a Pro game played in this city.  One would think
bogota helos show.jpgthat Bogota may be one of  the highest points where baseball is played. Hitters would be going crazy.

On the way back,  I experienced (another flight delay) and this one at least was verifiable.  We had actually boarded the plane and had pushed back when the pilot came on the PA an said that we would need to return to the terminal because the government had shut down the airport for a Military Air Show which was part of the countries independence celebration.  Only 3 hour delay.  That was a first!  

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Mr. Murray Cook, do you believe that either Cibao Stadium in Santiago, or Quisqueya Stadium in Santo Domingo, Dominincan Republic, are capable of hosting the First Round of the March 2013 World Baseball Classic (WBC) ?

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