Young Taiwan GroundCrew makes it happen!

kids marking home.jpg
kids watering 1st base.jpgJust outside of Tainan City, Taiwan there is a special little field maintained by some very special little people.  I would have to say this might be the youngest groundcrew I have ever seen.  Each with a job and task to prepare the field for the game.  What a sight to see kids doing the work of adults and having fun doing it.
kids measuring to mound.jpg 
This type of culture being implemented into children’s minds at such an early age  is remarkable.  My hat is off to Li Chang who shared this amazing story and photos of what they are doing at this little league field. Hopefully the tips we have shown him will help make this a better program. They have developed a maintenance program for the kids to follow.  I would have to say this would infield watered.jpgprobably never be seen in the USA,  
but who knows. 

If you make things fun,  kids will do it and To these guys it’s a fun task.   I like how they water the dirt and the “shape” of the field is actually made with water.  Very creative! !   This is truly Inspirational for all of us in the sportsturf industry. What if we could get all of our neighborhoods to do this!



Dear Mr.COOK
I would like to express my gratitude that the article posted on your official website introduces the story of the baseball team under my coach. I hope that the photos I provided will help the readers realize the unique environment in which baseball develops in a creative way. It is my wish that I can learn more from you should we meet again. Meanwhile, I would like to point out a minor error in your article, namely my full name should rather be spelled as CHANG?SHENG-EN. Thanks a lot.

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