Europe Field Clinic and Pan American Games updates


Pisa and Rotterdam CLinic.JPGWhere do I start?  A whirlwind of activity work etc.  over the past few weeks has put me a bit behind on the blog. To recap in bullets –

1.       Pan American Games (World cup Qualifier) is continuing through Oct13th in Puerto Rico. We have had an unbelievable amount of rain during those games and yet they continue.  The guys (Chad Olsen, Erik, Budge, Kevin, Joe, Ryan, Chad K) have really gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep the tournament playing. $ Games a day on some fields and monsoon level rains have made playing conditions less than favorable.  Just a little wet in Ponce!


ponce world cup 2010.jpg2.
Kevin Moses Won the best field award in the Atlantic League for taking care of a tough ballpark in Southern Maryland. 

3.       We have clinics rolling along in Tuscany, Italy and Rotterdam Netherlands this week.  Old STMA friends Tom Burns, Bob Curry and Rene Asprion are assisting with presentations.

4.        Planning for Australian Baseball league to start at the end of the month.

5.       Chad’s heading to Dominican Republic after the World Cup qualifier in PR.

6.       I’m heading back from Europe for a brief stay then back to South America and planning for MLB clinics in Houston and LA. 

That’s enough for now but it just goes to show you that a lot happens when it’s supposed to be the slow season.  Looking forward to december when things slow down …maybe. 


Is there one country or region in the world where you think baseball can really take off in what is not currently considered to be ‘a baseball country’?

I would probably say the up and coming countres are South Africa and china.

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