Houston Astros Urban Youth Academy Hosts 1st Field Maintenance Clinic

Hosuton Clinic photo.JPGJust finished another MLB Field Maintenance clinic.  This one was in Houston.  My first time back since I worked on the design of the field at minute maid stadium way back when it opened.  The Field Clinic was held at the Houston Astros Urban Youth Academy. A great place managed by Daryl Wade.  Super person with a passion for the program.   We had about 75 people attend.  Have to thank Chad Olsen ( our Ops Man) , Dan bergstrom Astros and Dennis Klein Rangers Head groundskeepers.  We covered quite a bit of information for this group and what made it fun was that the guys an gals that attended were really into it from 9am to 300pm.   The academy opened up  last summer and hosts a number of events.  Turface helped to sponsor the event which was free to all attendees. 

Great Job guys. Next stop is LA on December.  Last one for the year.

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