Australian League Ballparks Update

narrabundah.jpgWith the league now officially opened and the wonderful positive results Ihave heard from various sources, I really think the new league is going to only get better and better.  The ballparks are not typical pro parks you see in the states but its a start and provides us something to build on.    Kevin Moses is jumping from city to city helping the local field maintenance teams at each of the ABL clubs tweak their fields and ballparks.  Most recent opening was Narrabundah (photo above) with over 1300 people on the 17
th.  The City of Canberra is the capitol of the country and they made a nice investment to bring baseball to the area.  The local community leaders  were heavily involved in upgrading the field conditions for the beginning of the league.   As it stands the crowds have been strong and the fields are holding up at all of the ABL venues.  I believe the greatest challenge is coming up this week.   The Melbourne Aces home field at the Showgrounds completed the Equitana event yesterday and the season opens Friday.  Not much has been renovated as the grounds needed to remain unchanged for the horses.   I’m sure everything will work out,  but bottom line an entire field needs to be built this week. 



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