Winter Soltice, Christmas and Clinics

Tis the season to give thanks to everyone for getting through another challenging year.    Economic times are still playing into a lot of the decisions we make on and off the field but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if the spending I’ve seen in the malls thus far this season are an indicator then we should be back on track this year.  

 Although a tough year it was very active with several new projects starting up as well as numerous field clinics.  I believe we did 8 clinics this year and all were very well received.  Had a great Clinic in Compton at the MLB Urban Youth Academy last week.  About 50 people attended. After wards we had a raffle and a couple of the vendors gave away some items and MLB had grab bags with T-shirts and hats etc.. You would’ve thought that the MLB grab bags would go first but it was the tools.  2 tamps and a rake were snatched up first. 

The Australian baseball league took off this year and can only improve for 2011.  Everyone be safe have a great Christmas and a happy New year

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