President’s Day, Baseball & Spring!



Presidential Lawn Mowers?

Did you know George Washington was a highly skilled farmer and gardening enthusiast?  He was very involved with his property’s landscape planning at his home in Mount Vernon.  He managed a vegetable garden and numerous fruit trees.  You can actually head over in the spring and they still harvest from the garden.  According to a couple articles I read over the years, he even grew hemp in his garden back in the day…for medicinal purposes only I am sure.   I  wondered how they started mowing the lawn at the white house.  I guess Woodrow Wilson brought in some sheep to offset some maintenance expenses as the photo depicts above.  That would have been around 1910.  Before that they used hand sickles or scythes.

By now the true sense of “baseball spring training”  is in full swing and all the pitchers, catchers and positions players are beginning that ritual of planning for the upcoming season.  Tomorrow, February 22, not only means baseball season is just around the corner it’s also a federal holiday  to celebrate our countries First President George Washington’s Birthday.   It kind of picked up the Presidents day tab sometime in the 80’s  as people threw Lincolns Birthday in there as well.  Here in the state of Virginia where GW was born, the holiday is legally known as “George Washington Day”   Ironically other states have included their Presidents with GW.   Alabama celebrates Washington / Jefferson Day even though his birthday isn’t until  April. 

IMG_1099.JPGWhats cool is that GW’s birthday and spring are linked together with our countries favorite pastime sport…baseball!   Notice the similar stripping patterns in the turf photos above!

Happy Birthday George!



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