Baseball Travels – Pan American Stadium, Estadio Barranquilla and Field Cinics

Just a little update on recent site visits and future plans.  

barranquilla.JPGColumbia –
  A couple weeks ago I spent some time in Barranquilla talking with the Mayor and his constituents about a stadium they are planning to build in the near future.  We are rolling forward with helping  design  and development a new ballpark.  Jimmy Char , Federation President is also having us help with developing a youth baseball complex.   Great people in Colombia and the improvements to the City infrastructure sing I was there 5 years ago was amazing.  Still a way to go but roads and better housing for residents was greatly improved. 

Lagos de Moreno-20110223-00273.jpgLagos de Moreno –
A city outside of Guadalajara, Mexico will be hosting the 2011 Pan  Baseball Games.  We met with the folks in the city Lagos de Moreno and talked about their new ballpark which was opened a couple years ago.   Needs a few tweaks before the event next fall but it’s great to see a new ballpark built in Mexico.   Checked out quite a few ballparks in the city for potential use during the tournament but even those will need some work. I’m sure we will be assisting them with the improvements through the next several months.  Teams playing in this tournament will be able to use pro players. 

JOHNDEERE.JPGField Clinics –
Heading to the Santo Domingo next week to begin the series 2011 series of our international venue and field maintenance clinics.  First stop is the Yankees training center near Santo Domingo.  From there we head over to Puerto Rico and Venezuela then back to Mexico before heading over the pond later this year.  It’s going to be an active year an I am sure I will be reaching out for some help to the guys in the industry.

National Mall  Over the past couple weeks found out I was  dubbed  “Official Turf Consultant to the National Mall & Memorial Parks by the National Trust” .  This is a credit to the Brickman Sportsturf team and the company.  Great job guys!   Finally a local project and one that I am really excited to be involved with because after all … it is our countries front lawn!


do you have the exact address of the stadium in Lagos de Moreno so we can look up some hotels in the neighbourhood?

Melitta – There is one hotel near the stadium about 4 blocks but it is already booked for the event. I suggest you stay in the city of LAgos. There are some really neat hotels around the square and its only a 10-15 minute drive to the ballpark. I do not have the names but look on trip advisor and they have some options.

do you have the exact address of the stadium in Lagos de Moreno so we can look up some hotels in the neighbourhood?

oke clear but we will be there for the World Championships U16 so earlier than the Pan Pacifics and we need the address anyhow to get there. I suppose the teams participating the Championships will stay there as well and we as parents are not allowed to stay in the same hotel. Would very much appreciate if you could let me know the exact address of the stadium. Good to know that the city of Lagos de Moreno is only 15 minutes drive.

which team are you following. Some of the federations have already pre-selcted hotels for familys. If its team USA contact jeff singer at USA baseball. , In the meantime i will ask the people in lagos what the address is.

we are following team The Netherlands and our team leaves it all to ourselves as no contact with the players is allowed and we certainly are not allowed to stay in the same hotel as the players. So very strickt but we are used to it. hahaha
Very much appreciate you helping us out. Thank you so much so far.

Could Estadio Cibao in Santiago or Estadio Quisqueya in Santo Domingo qualify as appopriate ballfields for the March 2013 World Baseball Classic ?

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