MLB Field & Venue Maintenance Clinic in Dominican Republic

field clinic group.JPGMLB’s Field & Venue Maintenance clinic was held today at the Yankees Training academy in the Dominican Republic.  We had over 60 participants representing all 30 MLB clubs in attendance plus Sports turf managers from all of the winter League Clubs.   This being our 3rd clinic in the DR,  I can clearly see the great improvements that are taking place in the fields as well as the expanding knowledge base of sound maintenance practices from each of the clubs grounds staff.  

field clinic M.JPGThe Yankees training complex has for regulation fields, and dormitories for over 100 players.  It is as nice as your typical spring training complex in the states.  The growth of these high level training centers is exploding throughout the DR and with it comes opportunity for a lot of people in the groundskeeping industry. 

IMG-20110307-00371.jpgHats off to Joel Araujo, the MLB Dominican League office and Chad Olsen for helping make this another wonderful educational session for our turf friends in the Dominican republic and a special thanks to the guys at  Diamond Pro  for sponsoring this event. 

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