Japan’s Double Batting Practice Workout

Having seen a few things around the world of baseball, one that really was interesting was the way Japan pro clubs took their BP.   Basically they would set up 2 BP cages side by side, have 2 BP pitchers and 2 BP catchers ( that used a stool and put each ball back in the BP bag) .  These guys would have their BP pitchers alternate throwing pitches to the hitters in each cage basically doubling the amount of swings you could take in an hour of BP.  That’s not all. ..When you were not in the cage you were doing soft toss so the hitting groups will swing the bat during their entire 20minute group time.  There would no infield but they do have a pitchers area under a net in centerfield to protect them while they were doing their field strength conditioning.   Not much I can add to this blog except that our Japanese friends really know how to get a lot of work completed in a short time frame.


My junior college, Cerro Coso Community College in southern california uses this set up except we had a curveball machine set up in one cage and a live pitcher in the other.

Where can you buy the cage system?

It’s basically two regular BP cages side by side

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