South America’s Baseball Ways

On a recent trip to south america I came across a few interesting things that drove me to snap a few photos. One is the sign above.  It is literally the way Major is sometimes pronounced in many latin countries.    The other was the use of linoleum as a tarp cover. Not that it was the best but it was what they had available and  how they made use of it.  Never thought about linoleum that way but I guess it is water proof on one side and its heavy and lays flat.   I cant help but to think of my moms kitchen but nevertheless I have to give it to our south american turf managers for being resourceful.  It’s much better than leaving it uncovered! 

 I also checked out a “chalk stick”  I guess if you can have a paint stick… a chalk stick would work to.  Conserves chalk and is easy to use.  Unique idea …compliments from our friends in the Caribbean.

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