Tips on Mowing Summer Lawns

When and How to Mow your lawn in the summer months can be tricky especially those folks with bluegrass. Here are a few tips to keeping your turf the best it can be. This mower above was used in Colombia to cut the entire baseball field. Not the best use of equipment but they made it work.

Mow after the dew has dried and keep it “high”: To many times we see where people are trying to keep their lawns at a 1 or 2 inch height during the heat of the summer. If you have all the right tools and irrigation equipment that pro ballparks have that’s one thing if not raise the height of the mower up to 3 inches and mow once a week or as needed. Don’t mow dead or brown grass and never cut more than a 1/3 of the blade at one time.

Your Mower: Keep that blade sharp and the mower clean. It’s a good time to see some fungus during hot humid mornings so mow when the grass is dry and not during the heat of the day. Keeping your mower blade sharp also increases the life of that machine. The type of mower really depends on the size of your lawn. A good rule of thumb is if you have a yard larger than 500sqft you should consider something with a wider cut. Also the terrain of your lawn will play into the type of mower you may need

Keep your yard clean – remove branches stones dog bones and doggy-do regularly. Make sure you mark all the pipes or half buried rocks in your lawn too. Double check the height of the mowing wheels before starting to mow. As mentioned warm season grasses like Bermudas are at or less. Fescues can be cut above 3 inches and its good to keep blue grasses close to 3 inches

Whats the best mow pattern – Keep your lines straight as possible and don’t do circles as the mower tends to tilt and scalp the lawn . Move along a good pace not walking slowly. The simple back and forth pattern is the best. Boxing out is of but longer mow lines are easier to follow and you miss less grass. Do a couple of laps around trees or shrubs to reduce the weed eater damage to tree trunks. Using the width of the mower base as you cut may seem like you will be done quicker but actually if you overlap cuts, your mower will run more efficiently and you will not miss strips. You can do it either way but remember it’s not a race.

Watering – Irrigating grass in the summer is best in the morning. If you can’t water and your lawn turns brown or white that might not mean its dead. The roots will cut off supply to the leaf blades and are trying to store food until water returns.

Quick tips for lawn mowing :

1. When your Push mowing a slope always go side to side not up and down.. Go side to side when your using a riding mower but be careful the slope isn’t to steep.

2. Once you are finished mowing wash that mower off and pick up any clumps of grass . This will help reduce dead spots.
3. Be safe. That shoot that throws your grass out should always be pointed away from people, cars etc.

4. Dont cut wet grass. You will have more clogging and clumps which could make you slip and fall. Mowing wet turf can also cause fungal disease.

5. Mowing your lawn is good excercise so keep it fun and don’t forget to apply sun screen to avoid skin damage


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