Its turning green at Omar Torrijos Stadium

Over the past couple days we have been overseeing the zoysia sod installation on one of the 4 fields in Panama for the upcoming baseball world cup. It’s exciting to witness the progress of these fields.  Here at Omar Torrijos Stadium, Santiago they installed a new drainage system, irrigation a sandy loam soil over gravel .  With the rain they receive in this country drainage is key.  Next stop for sod. Aguadulce.


Dear Mr. Murray:

More or less when it is time to put new seats in stadiums that have made ​​recommendations (Rico Cedeño, Rod Carew).

In my country they say in the Rico Cedeño Stadium There will be 4,500 new seats, but how many new seats will be in the Rod Carew Stadium ? that was part of its recommendations made in May.

I wait for you answer via e-mail address



Alejandro. Good to meet you. I am really not involved with the seating recommendations I did suggested they could add some new seats to the ballparks but my reviews are more directed at the field of play and player safety for this tournament. at the end of the renovations they will have some very nice improvements to the Ballparks.

Hi Mr. Cook
I am writing from Chitre, I ask if in its recommendations to baseball fields, the protectors at gardens of Rico Cedeño will be replaced? Because I have seen some green but for the sides. know anything about this? We would appreciate it.


Hi Mr Cook:
I am writing from Chitre, Panama. I wonder if in their recommendations at Rico Cedeño is the replacement of the protections of the gardens because I have visited the stadium and see the same bad conditions the protections.


Again I come to bother you with another question. In the warning area at Rico Cedeño the field is placed with gravel . I’ve seen the same in the Rod Carew, Remon Cantera and Omar Torrijos. this is allowed? … Have a nice day, Greetings

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