Rod Carew Stadium prepares for Yankees vs Marlins series


Now that the 2014 MLB Panama exhibition series between the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins has been officially announced, I can tell you we have been hard at work prepping the field for over a month. Rod Carew stadium in panama is no stranger to big league games and events. Last years WBC qualifier , the 2011 baseball World Cup and the 2004 olympic qualifier have been great events at the ballpark constructed in the late nineties. Seating about 27000 with short dimensions to the left and right field fence at 321ft the hitters may be drooling, but beware of this illusion because the ballpark sits in a valley that can suck the lift out of baseballs that should have easily cleared the fence. On sunny afternoons we have seen the opposite. It’s a standard 400ft to center. The ballpark was designed to expand to 45,000 but that has stalled in the past years. Rain tends to plague this rainforest region but in 2011 a new drainage system was installed in the field and it works wonderfully. The area of the ballpark is continually expanding which like anywhere else in the world causes traffic congestion. The taxi drivers in panama are ” talented” drivers with each having an entire horn-honking vocabulary. Everyone knows everyone!


This series was planned to show appreciation for one of the greatest closers in baseball , Mariano Rivera . The renovations of the ballpark actually began to take place after a movie production that caused a bit of damage to the infield and outfield. All areas have been sodded and the field is looking better for the mid march series . Our sportsturf team , Joe and chad have been putting the finishing touches on the mounds and bullpens with the local field crew. I can assure you this ballpark will be rocking when the hometown hero Mariano and the Yankees take the field. It’s going to be crazy! Big tip: If you plan on coming to the game , come early…..Real early.

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