March 2014

One year ago today – MLB Opening day Sydney Cricket Ground transformation – time lapse video


Pretty slick music too. It’s still hard to believe we got this done in 17 days. Dugouts, bullpens , locker rooms, field, backstop, tunnels, padding, foul poles, batters eye etc.  the list goes on and on. The boys at evergreen rocked the house with the field install and my buds at the SCG, wow.

Thanks to the 2014 MLB Season Opener crew, Sydney Australia


I took a lot of photos of the 2013 season opener in AUS and the various stages of the field and ballpark construction that we helped manage. Hard to believe we built an MLB ballpark in 17 days. What a great event an a great field crew. I will work to post more as I get them uploaded. Over the course of a few weeks the above crew of contractors, maintenance staff and volunteers did something very special. A special thanks to Eric Ogden, chad Olsen, Chad Kropff and Darrell Lemmer. Also a big thanks to Tom Parker who is the curator of the SCG. What a wonderful person he and his entire staff are to work with. What an unbelievable experience put on by Moore Sports. Jason you rock.

For the past 14 years tom Nicholson director of Oceania baseball and business development has worked tirelessly at bringing a mlb game to Australia. Congrats Tom.



In the near future we will begin to plan a youth field in Melbourne for Chris Lane who was a college student and baseball player in Oklahoma. Chris’s parents attended the game and were given a homeplate from the commissioner of baseball , Bud Selig. The homeplate ceremony was the most moving part of the MLB series. A moment of silence was also shared by the 38000 people in attendance at the game. The below photo of Tom Nicholson and Chris Lanes folks.


Sydney Cricket Grounds Conversion for MLB Season Opener Underway!


After 16 months of planning, the 2week  conversion  of  the Sydney Cricket Grounds ( SCG) pitch for MLB’s 2014 Season Opener began this week and is moving along very well.   We have stripped the  areas of the field  where the clay will be installed for the mound, baselines, infield and warning track.  Evergreen is the local contractor hired by Moore Sports to perform these duties.  This week we will begin the fencing, backstop, batters eye, foul poles, dugouts, bullpens and interior areas of the locker rooms.

scg layoutThe SCG field crew headed up by Tom Parker have been awesome.  They just finished the cricket season last weds and we began the grading of the field Thursday.   Over the course of the next couple weeks we will move about 1200 tons of materials on and off the field to build the playing surface.  The majority of these products including clays,warning track and rootzone  materials are locally provided.  Gail Materials has provided some infield clay products. They also provide clay products for the Padres and Dodgers.  Turface infield conditioners will be used to topcoat the field along with Covermaster providing all the padding.   Since we are unable to sink posts in the ground to support the fence structure, we will need to bring in over 100 tons of counter weights in order to secure the outfield fence.   Its a large project that has a lot of moving parts but if anyone can pull it off its the crew at the SCG and Scott Egelton with Pier Properties who is acting as PM.

IMAG5603The bermuda turfgrass also known as “cooch grass” is maintained just under 1/2 inch high during Cricket season. We are raising the cut to almost an inch so it is more in line to where the Dodgers and DBacks are currently training in Arizona.   Only 2 weeks after the MLB event is over the MRL takes the pitch so the field is actually going through 2 major conversions in over a month.   All the sod harvested from the pitch is being used at nearby venues.

More to follow as this project continues.