Looking back on a 2009 USA baseball World Cup championship in Italy


usa team at memorial.JPGRetired Colonel Joe Bevilacqua is the Superintendent of the American cemetery in Nettuno Italy and has also helped us with the field preperations over the past few weeks with equipment and resources .During our conversations he wondered if the USA baseball team may have some time to come over to the cemetery to see the site. One thing lead to another and it worked out that Team USA could be there a few minutes before BP of the Netherlands game.

sciliy mem headstones.JPGThe site is as impressive as Arlington with over 8000 Americans laying rest from the Anzio beach invasion ofthe allied forces during WWII. The 77 acre site is American property. The players were obviously moved by Colonel Joe’s presentation of the invasion and the cemetary facts.Joe has a crew of over 16 guys that maintain the grounds which werebreath taking.

memorial.JPGNot only was there a memorial but also a chapel…

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Quite impressive Murray…thanks for sharing! I hope to also pay tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed everything for our freedom when I head over in September for the European Baseball Championship. God bless America!!!

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