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Ballparks in Regensburg and Athens

On my recent venture we took some time to check in with the folks in regensburg Germany to see how the WBC qualifier preparations were coming along. Stopped in Amsterdam to see the developments of a new ballpark and then onto Athens. The 2004 Olympic baseball stadium in Athens is currently not a baseball venue but a soccer venue. At least they are using it for a outdoor sport!




There is only one “main” olympic stadium still being used for baseball which is in barcelona host of the 1992 games. The 1996 olympic stadium was Fulton county stadium which was torn down,the 2000 olympic main stadium in Sydney was a showground for cattle and was only a temporary venue for the games. However west of Sydney is the 2nd olympic venue and it has been resurrected by mlb and is used in the abl league. The 2008 wukesong baseball olympic stadium in beijing and both Practice fields were reduced to rubble shortly after the games. So the Olympic baseball stadium legacy plan is not doing so great



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